Contact Us

Do you have a question, product request, or feedback? You've got options!

You can reach me, Carley, any of the following ways.

  1. Call the store during open hours at 519-258-1180.
  2. Shoot me an email at, anytime.
  3. Message me on any of our socials, Ethos Grocery Walkerville on Facebook and @EthosGrocery on Instagram.

Disclaimer! If I don't respond, please follow up with me! I am a solo operation with an attention deficit disorder - and while I do my best every day, I do occasionally miss messages. Don't be afraid to double text me, I'll appreciate the follow up! 

A girl with a plant-powered dream

A vegetarian for over 15 years herself, Carley Noelle is a young, first time entrepreneur driven by the aim of providing Windsor Essex County with a wide selection of convenient, delicious, plant-powered foods!

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